Our story

Crave Cairns

Our establishment was one of the first in Cairns to offer Acai Smoothies and Bowls to meet the growing demand for healthy eating options. During February/March 2021, we rebranded as Crave, to expand our range of delicious clean cuisines.

Crave boasts a variety of plant based, vegetarian and gluten free foods with the  option to add on protein such as tofu, salmon, bacon and chicken. Take pleasure in wholesome breakfast and lunch favourite’s with a healthy twist.

Fuel your day right! Enjoy Certified Organic Coffee alongside locally farmed dairy milk. Plant-based alternatives include soy, almond, oat, and coconut,  as well as lactose free milk. Crave supports local family owned farms.

Crave’s famous Juice and Smoothie Bar is 100% plant based and dairy free. Charge up smoothies and bowls with a protein add on – perfect for workout recovery, or if you are feeling naughty, see our selection of cheeky cocktails, beers and selected wines.